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Director of Ceremonies: Ms. Afra Schimming (Chase), and Executive Chairman: Mr. Johannes !Gawaxab (Eljota Investment Managers)

Global and Local Economic Output 2019

The global economic environment is as good as it gets at the moment but the
outlook is never riskless, especially in an environment where central banks are normalizing monetary policy. The IMF expects global economic growth to edge up to 3.9% in both 2018 and 2019 after strong recovery in 2017 in investments, manufacturing, trade and firming commodity prices. The local economy is expected to recover from a contraction in 2017, projected to grow by 0.6% and 1.9% in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Namibia is faced by weak growth, serious fiscal challenges and high unemployment. Will we restore fiscal health, business and consumer
confidence and where is growth going to come from in 2019?

Dennis Dykes - Chief Economist (Nedbank)

Recession: How we got in and how we get out


Koos Brand  - Chairman (Capricorn Group)

Udo Stritter  - Executive Chairman (NEE HG)

David Nuyoma  - CEO (GIPF)

John Endjala - CEO (NCCI)

Ben Zaaruka  - (NCCI)

MODERATORJohannes !Gawaxab

Investing in Crazy Times


International Speaker - TBC

Role of the Banking Sector in Financing the Economy

How can Banking finance Namibia out of the current economic slump? Banks are regarded as the transmission belts in most economies. How is the current state of the economy affecting banks in Namibia? The MD’s of the four largest banks share their views in this regard.


Lionel Matthews - MD (Nedbank)

Junius Mungunda - MD (Standard Bank)

Baronice Hans - MD (Bank Windhoek)

Sarel Van Zyl  - CEO (FNB)

MODERATOR:  Bruce Hansen, MD (Simonis Storm Security)

Outlook for Bonds and Equities in 2019

Listed Investments Instrument delivered solid returns in 2017 despite shocking corporate scandals. In 2018, listed instruments posted 7% - 9% for the calendar year to September 2018. Should we invest? A great opportunity to see five of Namibia’s best Investment Managers to review what they are buying now and where they see the best opportunities in primary and dual listed stock.


Eino Emvula - CEO (NAM)

Ian Erlank - PM (Capricorn Asset Management)

Malcolam Hassleman - PM (Investec)

Anthea Angermund - Fixed Income Analyst (Prudential)

Lesley Rukoro - CEO (MMI)

Selma Shejavali - CEO (Stanlib)

Josephat Mwatotele - CEO (Ashburton)

James Mnyupe - CEO (Allan Gray)

MODERATOR: Floris Bergh - CIO (Capricorn Asset Management)

Retiring planning: 500,000 Namibians have no Retirement plan

Very few Namibians can afford to retire at 60 or at 65, As you get older, saving
enough for your retirement becomes tougher. In this panel discussion, we speak to experts about strategies that will help close to 500,000 Namibians to provide for their retirement. You don’t have to always rely on your children or government


Nambata Angula - SSC GM (National Pension Fund)

Hein Klee - NMG CEO (Namibia)

Dieter Schrywer - CEO (Alexander Forbes Life)

Kobus Crous - CEO (I3Actuaries)

Henry Van Denventer - Head of Wealth Strategy (OM Wealth SA)

Tilman Friedrich - Director (Retirement Solutions)

Marthinuz Fabianus - MD (Retirement Solutions)

MODERATOR: Manfred Zamuee – CEO (Multiwealth)

Infrastructure Financing in Namibia

Namibia is mobilizing its savings to grow its economy. Dual listed stocks on the NSX are gradually being phased out. From April 2019, 45% of all Namibia’s contractual savings should be invested in Namibia. Regulators and industry experts discuss the implication of this regulation.


Evangelina Nailenge - GM (Namfisa)

TBC - CEO (Association of Asset Managers)

Falcon - CEO (Stock Brokers Association)

Sabrina Jacobs - Chairman (RFIN)

Tiaan Bazuin - CEO (NXS)